Assembly and installation of tanks, reservoirs and metallic containers. Construction of industrial structures and buildings.

"Tank in tank"

"TECHCOMET" is engaged in manufacturing, deliveries and installation of vertical cylindrical tanks for storage of aggressive, combustible, inflammable and neutral liquids of various viscosity and density.

"How to paint the roof of vertical cylindrical tanks from within. Internal anticorrosive protection of tanks."

Anticorrosive protection of internal surfaces of tanks requires high qualifications and attentiveness; besides, it is an unhealthy work. This fact is obvious to those who have ever faced this problem.

"Our own developments"

On the first terminals built outside Russia, we faced the problem of different technical standards. A vivid example of that was crude oil terminal in Galati, Romania. The project consisted of simultaneous installation of three tanks of 10,000m3 each.


On the basis of divisions Minmontazhspetsstroj of the former USSR there was created an enterprise which during it's development changed the structure and names, and in 2002 was reorganized in firm «CHC».

Not looking at structural transformations, we managed to keep the qualified experts having practical experience of works of any complexity:

  • manufacturing of tanks, cisterns and metal containers;
  • construction of industrial buildings and constructions;
  • and as their heat supply, thermal insulation, anticorrosive protection and other works on construction of industrial targets.

For last nine years we have constructed eight terminals on an overload and storage of light mineral oil, with capacity of reservoir park from 10000m3 up to 30000m3, equipped by railway stations with a waterless warming up and an overload of black oil, railway stations intended to drain light mineral oil, stations on loading cars , pump stations, technological pipelines, systems of fire extinguishing - that means, all systems necessary for normal work of a tank farm.

Close communications with the projecting organizations, the factories making necessary materials and the equipment, using of the authorized design decisions allow to carry out any requirements of the customer concerning technologies and parity “price - quality”.

We carry out preparation of object from designing up to a full complete set of the equipment, materials, make electro- and water lines. For economy of expenses of the customer, reduction of time of input of objects in operation, we use the advanced well proved methods and technologies of works.

So, for an example, object in the north of Afghanistan (with beginning from preparation of the bases and finishing installation supervising and measuring devices and automatics), has been created for nine months. The general volume of reservoir park is 24000m3 in twelve tanks from 1000m3 up to 3000m3. Replaceable productivity of this object is 2400m3 in drain from tanks and tanking in auto cisterns each of five products of storage. The technology of installation of tanks from preliminary integrated parts which then gather in rolls defined absolute quality, the control, reduction of terms of installation accelerated terms of commissioning of all object as a whole. Such technology has been offered by the Russian engineer M. Beilin (the copyright certificate № 71464), and thousand tanks with more than fifty years' operation, prove also reliability of such technological decisions.

Strict observance of rules and norms, constant quality assurance of made works allow to keep strong, friendly communications with our clients.

We hope, that becoming our client, you shall get the reliable and long-term partner on behalf of our firm.


Certificat de Inregistrare

Certificat de Inregistrare

ISO 9001:2000 Certified

ISO 9001:2000 Certified

Galati, Romania
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