Assembly and installation of tanks, reservoirs and metallic containers. Construction of industrial structures and buildings.

"Tank in tank"

"TECHCOMET" is engaged in manufacturing, deliveries and installation of vertical cylindrical tanks for storage of aggressive, combustible, inflammable and neutral liquids of various viscosity and density.

"How to paint the roof of vertical cylindrical tanks from within. Internal anticorrosive protection of tanks."

Anticorrosive protection of internal surfaces of tanks requires high qualifications and attentiveness; besides, it is an unhealthy work. This fact is obvious to those who have ever faced this problem.

"Our own developments"

On the first terminals built outside Russia, we faced the problem of different technical standards. A vivid example of that was crude oil terminal in Galati, Romania. The project consisted of simultaneous installation of three tanks of 10,000m3 each.


Our company is proud of its highly qualified specialists, who have taken part in construction of almost any complexity. It is this rich experience and high qualification of our specialists that makes it possible to bring the final design of the projects in line with desires of our customers.

Our long-term and close cooperation with leading designing institutions and organizations allows us to bring the quality and reliability of project decisions to new levels. The modern automatic monitoring and controlling systems allow us to achieve the best possible quality that in most cases far exceed those required by normative/design documents.

Application of advanced technologies enables us to substantially reduce the time of completion of projects without compromising the quality. We always try our best to be aware of current developments related to new technologies & materials, from application of which we could provide more benefit to our esteemed customers. Services offered to our valued customers include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Assembly and installation of vertical steel tanks for any products
  • Tank farm design
  • Reinforced concrete structures and foundations
  • Pipelines for oil products as well as auxiliary pipelines
  • Installation of the equipments and metal structures:
    • Rendering ultrasound flaw-detection
    • Arrangement and operation of concrete laboratory at the project site
    • Wiring works
    • Installation of control and monitoring equipment, automation of the processes.
  • Consultation on procurement of materials and equipment for the project
  • Customers support with purchase

Galati, Romania
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