Assembly and installation of tanks, reservoirs and metallic containers. Construction of industrial structures and buildings.

"Tank in tank"

"TECHCOMET" is engaged in manufacturing, deliveries and installation of vertical cylindrical tanks for storage of aggressive, combustible, inflammable and neutral liquids of various viscosity and density.

"How to paint the roof of vertical cylindrical tanks from within. Internal anticorrosive protection of tanks."

Anticorrosive protection of internal surfaces of tanks requires high qualifications and attentiveness; besides, it is an unhealthy work. This fact is obvious to those who have ever faced this problem.

"Our own developments"

On the first terminals built outside Russia, we faced the problem of different technical standards. A vivid example of that was crude oil terminal in Galati, Romania. The project consisted of simultaneous installation of three tanks of 10,000m3 each.

Tank in tank

"TECHCOMET" is engaged in manufacturing, deliveries and installation of vertical cylindrical tanks for storage of aggressive, combustible, inflammable and neutral liquids of various viscosity and density. For use in chemical, oil refining, heat power, etc. industries and in manufacture where increased requirements to ecological safety, preservation of the environment are showed.

We research and invite to cooperation potential buyers in Europe and we suggest them to put our tanks in short terms and with the low prices of capital investments.

Having analyzed all the wishes of the customers we suggest to put tanks by our own projects in which the wishes of the most pretentious customers are taken into account.

Distinctive design features of our tanks today have already got popularity in the environment of operational services in different points of the world:

  • First - the constructive decision " tank in tank " with space between walls of external and internal tanks of 100 (!) mm.

  • Second - the constructive decision of a tank's roof with external edges of rigidity and a smooth internal surface of the working tank.

Certainly, the decision " tank in tank " for a long time is known and is successfully used at many enterprises of the world and it has recommended itself as the most reliable protection of an environment against emergency escapes. But only in our projects with a small backlash between tanks the basic lacks of this decision were completely resolved.

  • our design "tank in tank" with a small backlash allows to reduce considerably the area of building that is especially important in conditions of economy the area of storehouses and terminals.

  • a design "tank in tank " does not demand additional actions on protection of an environment against emergency escapes: protective membranes in the bases are not necessary; protective heat-sink concrete constructions are not necessary. And it is economy of a significant part of capital investments.

  • the technology of removal of emergency escapes becomes much more simpler because it is not required additional engineering constructions for this purpose any more - the gauge built between two walls is connected to a computer and the monitor automatically will show presence of the spilled liquid.

  • also there is a space between the bottoms of tanks which provides safe operation even when the bottom of the basic tank has become worthless. The distance is provided with special metal or polymeric linings as agreed with the customer.

  • the closed space between walls carries out thermo-insulation functions, maintaining temperature of the storing liquid, smoothing daily and seasonal differences of temperatures and reduces losses of energy that is important for liquids with high temperature of freezing.

  • while storing combustible and inflammable liquids in tanks the space between walls is used as additional protection of the tank and a product against explosion and ignitions.

  • the roof of tanks is designed in such a manner that the internal surface turns out equal without hollows and ledges that is especially important for quality of anticorrosive protection and considerably prolongs service life of the tank.

  • the design of a roof allows to refuse from the expensive lightning-rod equipment.
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